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        Ningbo Beilun Yongcheng Machine Tool Accessories Factory is a professional R & D, production and sales of enterprises. Now has injection molding machines, lathes size, special machining centers and other advanced equipment, has a certain product development and production strength.

        Our main production and operation of injection molding machine die casting machine accessories, machine tool accessories and other products, a self-styled magnetic oil filter, air filter, YCSL series oil cooler, crescent code folder, YCZT plum-type flexible coupling , Machine tool horn, cooling sub-water block, quick hose connector, threading hose, engineering towline, electromagnet socket, valve bottom plate and all kinds of stuffing cover and other products are widely used in all walks of life.




  • 052017-11

    Accessories development will be what kind of result?

    Injection molding machine accessories is a very practical kind of mechanical equipment, second-hand injection molding machine, he produced a variety of supplies and our Life is closely related to our daily necessi……

  • 052017-11

    Injection molding machine parts of the development process

    When the word injection molding machine appears, when the injection molding machine is the physical machine is what time, the production of injection molding machine parts business is from what time, these injecti……

  • 052017-11

    Injection molding machine parts - double alloy barrel analys

    Cylinder, also known as the barrel, is an important part of injection molding machine parts, which together with the screw to complete the plastic conveying, plasticizing and injection processes, but also other de……